2 Time Indy 500 Winner Arie Luyendyk Loves his Veloce Performance tune.....and you will too!

"I know fast!  I have driven just about!  The experts at Veloce Performance were able to maximize the performance in my Bentley CGT.  I know you will be as impressed as I am".  Arie Luyendyk   


Dr. Bobbi Lancaster, AZ  Ferrari F355

Well I just took my 355 out for another run. The changes that your ECU tuning made to my car this week exceeded my expectations.  The car now idles with authority and a steadiness. Before at idle, the engine would kind of meander around and stumble slightly. The dealership told me that was typical of all 355's.  Also the power comes on under acceleration like RIGHT NOW. I mean NOW. There is none of that mid-range delay in power  that made me feel like I was driving an old 1980's 911 Turbo.  Also under acceleration the power delivery now  is so smooth and constant and almost turbine like. I loved my car before but now I'm really nuts about it. I am usually very skeptical about testimonials. But I am so impressed with your  ECU tuning that I want others to know. So you can share this letter  and my name with potential Veloce Performance customers. Thanks again Dino.       Dr. Bobbi Lancaster



Jason Pronto, Canada SL55 AMG

The Veloce performance package Stage (stage 3) opens up and unleashes the SL55 ///AMG to a completely new level of performance and lets the true animal out of the ///AMG run wild through the streets. It responds faster, shifts quicker and gives it that ultimate fun to drive experience you always wanted from the vehicle with an excellent power band. Thank you so much, keep up the excellent work gentlemen.

Jason Ponto                                                                                                                                           Parts Manager                                                                                                                           Mercedes-Benz of Regina


D. Reese, VA E55 AMG

Hey Dino:  Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the car yesterday                                                                                 and it is incredible!  I really appreciate all the work you did helping me out.                                                                                 I was amazed at just how fast it really is!  Thanks again, Daniel

Daniel participated in our concierge program, where we source the car, tune it                                                                           and deliver the finished car.  Thanks for the testimonial.  Dino

Thanks to Peter at X Motorsports for getting us another great car.



Marvin W., SF, CA '08 SL600

Hi Dino,  My '08 SL600 is now awesome!  I am very impressed and pleased with the results from your ECU/TCU tuning.  I can barely get traction in 2nd gear when doing WOT!  I've been cruising the streets of San Fran looking for "victims".  Ha-ha.  Also, the enhanced TCU makes for lightening fast shifting, and per your recommendation, installed the K&N air filters for better breathing.  Since I live in San Fransisco, your Veloce Performance partner, MB Garage, located in the Bay Area (San Mateo, CA) was convenient at about a half hour's drive from SF.  The proprietor, Janet Migliore, was quite knowledgeable in MB mainenance, and installing and checking the ECU/TCU.  She was able to answer all my questions on both your products and MB servicing.  Thank you again for your awesome Veloce products and helpful advice.  I plan to return for future tuning needs as I will be in the market for other fast cars!  Marvin W., SF, CA


                                                                                                           Ed Amoroso. Rehoboth Beach, DE.  G55 AMG

Who would think an already quick 6315 GWV vehicle with the aerodynamics of a commercial refrigerator could be made to go even faster ?  It can and it will !!!!
Installed this morning the Veloce Performance tune via the OBD2 port.
Effortless and with no problems.Regret no baseline and post tune dyno runs, but the dyno is just a tool that allows comparison of power numbers.
 What the dyno can't simulate is the real world driving experience with the Veloce Performance tune....!!!
Supercharger comes in much quicker, power band is smoother and broader and the new found acceleration makes one believe that there is no necessity for the transmission to ever kick down...
Accelerating from a roll in first gear pushes you back into the seat as you feel the front end jump up.  Feels like a totally different vehicle...
If you were to ask if I would recommend the Veloce Performance tune, then obviously you're not paying attention.
Doubtful that any aftermarket tuner could provide the prompt replies and first class service that you get from Dino.
The increased performance and driveability will match anything that is out there !!!!                                                                                   Ed Amoroso



                                                                                                            Mike Duncan, Tucson, AZ. MB SL600

Dino and Veloce Performance took my average looking and average performing SL 600 to Dino and it came back looking mean and running fast! Definitely a first class "Pimp My Ride". Can't wait until he figures out something to make it even faster!                ________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Chris DeFelice, NY, BMW Z4M

Veloce performance did a great job in enhancing the performance of my Z4M coupe. I really felt a nice gain in power when reaching above the 4000 rpm range. After having my car on the dyno with other minor modifications I was able to get 305 horsepower at the wheels, which I was very impressed with. Love the car and the tune but most importantly the guys over at Veloce are really great people. It is always better to deal with other fellow car enthusiasts who make no sacrifices when it comes to the things they really have a passion for. I highly recommend this shop to others who look to get the full potential out of their car as well as enjoy staying in front of the pack!. Keep up the good work guys!



Rajan, Pelham Manor, NY, E55 AMG                                                      

I put in the upgraded ECU and new K&N filters into my 2006 E55 AMG yesterday and today took my car out for a long ride. Wow! What a difference. From the get go the car feels much quicker, far more responsive and with much more punch. This car feels like a different, more powerful animal! The acceleration is instantaneous. Much more so than before. The car is quicker to downshift and holds onto higher RPMs for greater performance. The torque feels stronger and comes on sooner and stays on longer. Driving in 5th gear now feels like the 4th gear used to before the ECU upgrade.

I had considered other providers of ECU upgrades but decided on Veloce Performance because of what I read about the products and about Dino - the owner. Dino personally walked me through the entire process and helped me with the ECU extraction from my car. He has been phenomenally helpful, always available and extremely responsive to my many queries.
He has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and customer service that I have ever received in matters to do with my car. And I am very picky when it comes to whom I trust my car to. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dino to anyone and would be happy to even speak to anyone considering an ECU upgrade. You can get my contact information from Dino if you would like to speak with me.



Sam Camouse, OH, E46 M3

I'm very happy with the ECU upgrade you performed for me, power is more consistent throughout the entire powerband, the car just pull harder through all the gears and not having the very annoying rev limiter has greatly improved my 1/4 mile time. In fact it has helped so much that I was able to shave more than .5 seconds off my best 1/4 mile time prior to having the procedure done. All an all Im glad I had you retune my ECU and it was well worth the money. Thanks -Sam Camouse



Paolo V., Scottsdale, AZ, BMW 335/360hp

“I used Veloce Performance to fine tune my 2008 BMW 335i.
Under the guidance of Dino Micalizio the installation process of the ECU was easy, problem free and fast.
Right after the installation, I noticed a more rapid acceleration.
Furthermore, the computer showed that the car was running more efficiently.
The car has been running smoothly and problem free for over six months.
I will definitely use Veloce Performance to achieve better performance on my future cars.
Paolo Vianson.”


Dan G., Pittsburgh, PA, CL55 AMG

I had CL 55 Veloce ECU & K & N filters installed today. Thanks for the quick turn around as promised. I HAD to let you know after 50 miles or so with my new Veloce ECU;
the difference is VERY noticeable. At partial throttle, the car is smoother, off the line, and ''tip in'' throttle is also noticeably more linear and smoother as well. Only a few chances for WOT (Pittsburgh is not Phoenix); AMAZING and grin inducing.
NO DOWNSIDE....thanks for the fast, attentive & quality service.
Please feel free to have anyone contact me if contemplating your ECU vs the ''big boys''. Besides, I love supporting an entrepeneur. My Veloce tuned CL 55 ROCKS!
Love it and will be calling you for more, I'm sure.
Thanks, Dino!
Dan G.

Follow Up: Getting BETTER . . . .Scary Fast!



 Kevin S., Detroit, MI, SMART Cabrio

I've had the Veloce tuned ECU in my 2008 Smart car for a couple of months. I am very pleased with the results. Power and response are improved across the entire band. Shifts are more crisp in manual, and automatic modes. Though the 1st - 2nd shift pause is not erased, it is significantly reduced. The car also holds gears longer in automatic mode, both on and off the gas. I added the ECU to an exhaust and cold air upgrade. The ECU had the most noted effect. It changed the driving dynamic of the car.

Kevin - Detroit, MI


                                                                                                          William Reynolds, Lamborghini Gallardo, Los Angeles, CA

I didn't think that there was much room left for improvement in my Gallardo.  After speaking with Dino and looking at the testimonials for Veloce Performance, I knew that if anyone could make a difference, they could.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! There is a significant gain in power and torque throughout the power band, and even more punch in the mid range.  The throttle response is almost telepathic now.  My Gallardo was brilliant before, it is a world beater now!  Dino and Veloce Performance answered all my questions and handled my car with the utmost care, and the results have made me a believer.  I can't imagine not having Veloce Performance tuning on any of my cars.  Thanks Dino.  W. Reynolds



Imre, MB SL600, Tucson, AZ

My 04 SL600 was fun and had lots of power but after a bit you get use to all that power and want more. After looking around at all the "soup up" options, I picked Veloce performance. Dino understands how torque is really what moves a street car around. How often during street driving are you at 6000 RPM, even on the track you just shift there. Your engine's torque at 2000-5000 RPM is what blows the doors off your various casualties. After Dino's tune, The term Oh Crap! Hang ON comes to mind. Unbelievable acceleration that just doesn't let up. SL pulls so hard past 120, 130, 140+MPH. The TCU upgrade helps the transmission handle all this torque and the shifts are AMG quick and still silky smooth. Part throttle response is so impressive too, The car reacts so quickly to commands now, the turbo delay is all but gone. AND a great by product- my mileage actually increased - was 25.5 driving back after the tune at 65 MPH in traffic.The turbos are working the way they should and increasing engine efficiency. Hey Dino! Our E320 CDI is next! 50HP and 4 MPG improvement, I think I can sell that to the Mrs!  You are a tuning GOD!
All my best


Frank Bataglia, SL65 AMG,, CA

My SL65 is a great car, but I wanted MORE, and Dino and the software gurus at Veloce Performance answered the call... in sspades!  The car's new found power is amazing.  But more than that, their customer service was some of the best that I have found anywhere.  They made the process so easy and have been there from start to finish.  Thanks guys!                  F. Bataglia, CA



Mark Larsen, Tucson, AZ E92 M3

Thanks for the support in regards to reprogramming my E92 M3. I researched many different programs and felt the most comfortable with Dino and Veloce. The new BMW M3 is an amazing car and the high revving V8 is a beautifully designed piece of machinery however I always felt it could do a little more. Dino dialed it in to give me the best torque response at the lower RPM level. This is exactly what the car needed to give me 100% on the track.  M. Larsen

The dyno net increase on this car was 34hp @ the wheels on 91 octane pump gas!



H. Bluthi, SL55 AMG, Geenville, SC

Hey Dino,
The car is really running good thanks to Veloce Performance. I can really tell the difference.  Thanks.  H. Bluthi



Charles Pearson, US Army Ranger, GA USA, SL55 AMG

Dino & John,
I can not thank the both of you enough for the awesome tune that you both have blessed me with.
My SL55 AMG is truly a beast to be reckoned with on the interstate and I can honestly say that I am always smiling while out on the prowl for easy prey. Your company has once again made a proud AMG fanatic one satisfied customer. I really appreciate the professionalism and dedication of your staff and all of the hard work that they have sacrificed into making my baby a true contender. The pulley upgrade along with the ECU and TCU tune has kept my competition in AWE for a long extended period of time. Thanks a Million and God Speed in ur future endeavors. Rangers Lead The Way!  Charles., U.S. Army Ranger!



Logan Johnson, SMART, CA USA

Just got my ECU back from Dino. The difference in the car really is amazing. Acceleration and shifting has been dramatically improved... it seems like a completely different car. There is also a big increase in torque. I'm VERY happy I took a leap of faith and got this done. I don't need numbers and charts, just REAL WORLD performance - and that's what I got. Many thanks to the Veloce Performance crew and Andy for his review on this. I recommend anyone who wants to do this, to do it! Logan Johnson, CA



Pat S., Bakersfield, CA & VP CEO, Dino with Pat's SL600

I just had my 04 sl 600 ecu tuned on Sunday by Dino and when it's cool the car runs really strong but when it's real warm/ hot it's down on power I think my ic pump may be bad, taking it to the dealer on monday to find out. Anyhow I've called Dino every day since then sometimes twice in the same day with questions and he either answers the phone or calls me back within 5 mintues and has even faxed instructions on how to replace the ic pump! NOW that's what I call great customer service!! Give him a call I'm sure you'll be glad you did!  Pat S., Bakersfield, CA _________________________________________________________________________________   


Mike M., Tempe, AZ, CLS55 AMG

I recently had a Veloce Performance tune done on my CLS55 and I'm very
impressed with the results. The car pulls much harder now and has better
throttle response overall. Dino is a pleasure to work with and is extremely
knowledgeable. He answered all my questions quickly and
handled the whole
process very professionally. Thanks Dino for a job well done!
Mike M. Tempe, AZ


Khalifa Al Romaithi, UAE, BMW M5

The car is really, really fast!  You can really feel a big difference from before the Veloce Performance tuning.  I can feel the power in all the gears, especially in 5th & 6th gear.  There is so much more torque that it revs so quickly now.  Even with the extreme hot weather in my country (36-40C), the car runs fantastically.  I'm sure it will be even better when it cools off.  I really appreciate your help.  Khalifa



Mike Cohen MD, MBA, Sacramento, CA   SL600

I Recently enjoyed a Veloce Performance ECU upgrade on my 2004 SL600 "Rocket".
Every detail was handled efficiently and professionally.
Dino and his staff answered email and telephone questions promptly and honestly.
The technician quickly performed the ECU flash at my house (for a nominal fee), saving me from having to remove/mail the ECU.

Performance is improved throughout : off the line, mid-range and top end.

I recently enjoyed a 202 MPH top speed run and the engine was still pulling before I "chickened out".
Low speed drivability and fuel economy remain excellent. Am looking forward to TCU upgrade.

I cannot imagine driving any car without VP tuning ever again.

2011 Update:

VP ECU tuned my 2004 SL600 V12 Biturbo several years ago.  It still amazes me with the remarkable wave of power when I "wake up the turbos", yet is docile around town so my wife can easily drive it.  My local MBZ dealer installed the AMG TCU speedshift when the transmission and motor mounts were replaced under warranty.  I recently had new brakes, rotors, front bushings and Michelin pilot supersports put on.  SL600 still feels like the best hardtop convertible on the planet, although a F458 spider may be tempting in the future, assuming there is enough low end torque.  Thanks again for your help, and I'm still considering a 2007-08  Bentley GTC with VP ECU tune after the kids graduate college in a few years..

Happy holidays...Mike



K. Willis, Anthem, AZ    E55 AMG

I was skeptical at first, but after driving the car, the difference is night and day.  The car has way more power and torque.  The power comes on sooner and stays longer.  The throttle response is great, and my wife's SL600 can't keep up.  Now she wants to get a Veloce Performance tune as well.  I had better watch out!  Thanks Dino!


D. Dimitratos, New York City    S600

Had an opportunity to meet Dino last week when he came to NY on a business trip.. During that time he reflashed the ECU on my S600 to give it some "pep". Boy did I get what I paid for!!

I entered my car in a local dyno competition on Saturday just because it was $20 to get 2 Dyno pulls and the prize for highest HP was an HKS EVC electronic boost controller.. I said hey lets see how this new reflash is working.. My car was the 4th one on at 12pm and it layed down 470rwhp and 570 ft/lbs of torque on a Mustang Dynamometer (they are the lowest reading dynos) Everyone's jaw dropped when they saw the torque reading go off the charts (max power was set for 500 lol!

UPDATE!  ReDynoed the car tonite on a Dyno Dynamics. 508rwhp and 602lbs/ft AF was a nice steady 11.90 across the board!! I suspect car has ALOT more torque left in it as the run was started at 3900rpms and it shot straight to 602.. Gonna try 3000 RPMs next time!! This thing is a MONSTER!!!



Mike, Los Angeles, CA     SL55 AMG

Just wanted to share with everyone how exceptionally pleased I am with my Veloce Performance ECU upgrade. While I don't have before/after dyno numbers, my '04 SL55 pulls significantly stronger throughout the power band and has much better throttle response. Nothing else has been done to the car -- I have yet to replace the stock air filters with K&Ns, which Dino also recommended. I doubt I'll even touch the stock pulley/headers.

Equally important, Dino was incredibly responsive and sent his tech over to do the flash the next business day. Hard to find that kind of service these days.

Hats off to Dino for an excellent product and fantastic customer service!

(update!  Mike upgraded to our ECU/Pulley package and has dyno'd at 469hp/491 lb. ft. tq (at the wheels).  Which translates to 585hp/620 lb. ft. tq at the crank.  He has since run an 11.3 1/4 mi!



Dr. Power, Alabama    SL55 AMG

"Dino:  Your tuner is the MAN.  I was out driving and OMG...I cannot believe it!  I have had other tuning mods on my SL600 and my Porsche and yours kicks their asses!  You will get my praises on the boards.  It was well worth the price...and btw I got to 200mph!  Awesome tune.  Thanks!



Mark C., Scottsdale, AZ, MB CL600

"I can’t tell you how happy I am with the Veloce Performance tuning package on my Mercedes Benz CL600. The car was fast before, now it is insane! The car is more responsive and there isn’t much that can keep up with it. I compared tuning packages from the various companies before I chose Veloce Performance. They have the best combination of value, quality and performance that is second to none. Thank you and I can’t wait to get the rest of my cars tuned by Veloce Performance".  Mark


Andy, Beverly Hills, CA/Lamborghini Murcielago

"I was a bit skeptical about having ECU work done on my 2003 Murcielago, but after my Veloce Performance tune, I was amazed at the difference.   There is substantially more power, improved throttle response, and the torque is amazing!  From the first drive after the tune, the car has been a delight.  Thank you to the guys at Veloce for finding the power in my car!  I can't wait to see what they can do for my SL55".



Andy K., Los Angeles, CA, SMART Car                                                                                                                                                                Unleash the 'Beast' Thanks to Veloce Performance
I got my ECU back from Veloce. Put it back in the 451 and turned it on. The motor started up with a nice deep growl sound. Took it out for a test drive and noticed the difference right away. Much more power in all gears. Faster gear changes. From 0 to 60 MPH strong pull. Coasting at 30 and accelerating to 60 and above the car pulls strong. 70 MPH comes and goes fast. Veloce has turned the 999 cc motor to a 666 little Devil. Love the RPM's and exhaust sound. Had a hard time parking the car because its just so much more fun to drive. This is a must do upgrade for 451 owners.

Thanks to the Veloce team for doing the Remap.

UPDATE!  We just dyno'd the 'Beast' and at 67 hp at the wheels... that translates to 88 hp at the crank!



Wendy L., Phoenix, AZ       BMW M3

Let me start out by saying that I really enjoy driving, and I especially enjoy my M3.  As good as it was, I always felt that it needed a little bit more.  The decision to go with Veloce Performance tuning was the best addition I could have made to the car.  It has more power, especially in the mid range.  It accelerates stronger.  In fact, Veloce Performance has made a great car, outstanding!  The product is great, but their customer service unbelievable!  Thanks VP!



Brad G., Salem, OR, MINI Cooper ‘S’
I talked to allot of tuners before I went with Veloce Performance. Dino and his staff did a great job of answering my questions and getting it done very quickly. WOW, is all I can say! The car is faster and makes more power throughout the entire rev range. I track my car and I have no problem taking most of the other modded MINI’s out there. VP was a little more expensive that the other guys, but it was worth every penny. Like my Dad says, “You get what you pay for”! Thanks Veloce Performance.

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