We simply offer the finest, custom ECU tuning service on the planet! Period. End of story.

From the moment that you contact your Veloce Performance advisor, to your first exciting moment when you step on the gas, Veloce Performance is all about creating a personal experience for you and your car. After all, don’t you both deserve it?

We are first, and foremost…auto enthusiasts, and we really like to go fast!! We knew that many of the cars out there are set up for the worst possible conditions…poor fuel, compromised environment, etc. In other words, the manufacturers have left much of the power that is available, on the table. By teaming up with some of the best automotive software writers in the world, and by countless hours of testing, we have been able to create a portfolio cars that we can enhance, that is second to none, in performance, reliability, and price. We beat the competition, hands down. Check out our comparison page.

Because we are enthusiasts, we knew what we wanted when we had our own cars modified. We wanted to feel like our project was special, but all we got was canned packages. Because Veloce Performance has chosen to specialize in one area, ECU enhancement, we can work with each client, to give them what they want, from mild to wild, speed limiter or none. It’s up to you. Because we want you and your car to feel special. We also want you to get the best ECU tuning set up that is available.

We are so confident that our ECU tuning will exceed your expectations, we guarantee our ECU work for two years, and if your dealer reflashes your ECU back to stock, we will redo it for a nominal fee. We know that you will miss the power!  Even though Veloce Performance has a strict no refund policy, we will not let you down, and we will work to achieve the best performance solution for your application.  When you choose VP, you are choosing a performance partner, not just a product!

Feel free to browse our list of tuning applications for your car, and then check out the competition, we think that you will agree that Veloce Performance is the way to go. We look forward to making your car the best it can be.