The GT3, Porsche's Ultimate performance expression
The development potential of Porsche does not start with the first Porsche sports car in 1948. It goes back to the beginning of the 20th century when Professor Ferdinand Porsche senior (the automobile was still a teenager) presented his first designs and constructions. Veloce Performance takes Porsche to the next level by enhancing and optimizing their innate engineering advantages.
996 Series
Carrera/S/GT3 (up to +35hp)$1350
Carrera C2S/C4S (up to +35hp)$1350
Turbo/GT2 (up to +70hp)$1650
997 Series
Carrera/S/GT3 (up to +35hp)$1350
Turbo (up to +70hp)$2200
991 Series
Carrera/S (up to +35hp)$1950
Turbo (up to +90hp)$2900
Panamera Series
Panamera and 'S' (up to +35hp)$1350 & $1850
Turbo & Turbo 'S' (up to +90hp)$2800 & $3100
Cayenne Series
Cayenne (up to +25hp)$1500
Cayenne S/GTS (up to +40hp)$1550
Cayenne Turbo (up to +75hp)$2900
Cayenne Turbo S (up to +100hp)$3100
Boxter/Cayman Series
Boxter/Caymen (up to +25hp)$1550
Boxter S/Cayman S (up to +30hp)$1550

This is a sampling of our Porsche offerings. If you donít see your car, email or call us.