VP enhanced SL55AMG
Mercedes Benz has been creating the finest road cars for over 100 years. They have won races on the tracks of F1, as well as the classics of the Mille Miglia, Targa Florio and Le mans. Their performance, innovation and quality has never been questioned. Veloce Performance has managed to artfully take the work of the masters of Mercedes and their performance arm AMG, and bring them to the next level. You will undoubtedly be amazed at the new-found ‘life’ in your MB and AMG car.
AMG 63tt series:
Up to 650hp (up to+100hp)$2750 USD
AMG 55K series:
Up to 555hp (up to+55hp) $2100 USD
ECU/Pulley (up to +85hp/100lb ft tq.) $3695USD
AMG 65 series:
Up to 670hp (up to+70hp)$2500 USD
ECU/TCU Package$4250 USD
AMG 63 Series:
Up to 570hp (+45-70hp)$2500 USD
Up to 603hp (+40hp)$2500 USD
AMG 55 NA series:
Up to 415hp (up to+35hp)$1350 USD
AMG C36/43 NA series:
(up to+30hp)$750 USD
AMG 32 series:
(up to+55hp)ECU $950 USD  ECU/Pulley $1995 USD
600 series (V12 TT):
Up to 600hp (up to+100hp)$2200 USD
500 series:
Up to 335hp (up to+35hp)$1100 USD
230K series:
Up to 240hp (up to+40hp)$1500 USD for ECU/pulley
550 series:
Up to 415hp (up to+35hp)$1400 USD
SLR series:
Up to 720hp  ECU/TCU $4995   ECU/TCU/Pulley $7295    
350/300/320 series (including diesels):
Up to 298hp (up to+30hp)$1100 USD

We now have hand held tuning units that have the capability of switching tuning from VP Performance to stock.... CALL for PRICING on your car!

We have a limited number of original Mercedes Benz STAR Diagnostic Systems.  The exact system that your dealer uses to perform many functions in your car.  So whether you want to diagnose your car's problems, or even lower your car... These original STAR systems are perfect.  Includes Laptop, all connectors, latest STAR software and carry bag..... $4500

 All TCU upgrades are NOT created equal!  There are lots of reports of reliability issues with our competitors, but not us.  HERE'S WHY... We achieve faster shifts, higher revs and remove unwanted gear changes by working with the shifting algorithms, which keeps the gearbox working within its design parameters.  Our competitors just raise the pressure inside the gearbox, which puts undo stress and can shorten service life.  This is another example of Veloce Performance quality.  TCU upgrades for all models...$2000,  

LOWERING PROGRAM!  We now can electronically lower your ABC or Airmatic equiped MB or AMG.  Prices start at $700.  We can lower your ride height to wherever you want it! This service is currently only available in Arizona.  Take a look at our lowered SL55 AMG.     

Full Delimit available upon request. 
Other Mercedes/AMG applications available, please call for more information.