VP Tuned Challenge Stradale 475hp

Enzo Ferrari created no just a car company, but a legend. Ferrari has created some of the finest high performance sports cars since 1947. With multiple F1  championships and countless wins in sports and endurance racing, Ferrari is second to none. Veloce Performance through tireless innovation and testing has found the ‘edge’ inside. Not only will your horsepower be usefully improved, but you will be amazed at the improvement in your mid range torque.

Veloce Performance's passion for Ferrari runs deep.  We are now producing custom ceramic coated  headers and exhaust systems to your specs.  From mild to wild!  Combine these exhausts with our custom dyno ECU tuning and the sound and the gains will amaze you.  Custom headers, cats, exhaust and ECU tuning.....  $12000  

We are also offering major Ferrari services, performed by a factory trained Ferrari master tech, with 20+ years of experience, at extremely competitive pricing.

Ferrari Enzo 
(up to 65hp)$5500
Ferrari California 
(up to 45hp)$3500
Ferrari FF 
(up to 65hp)$4500
Ferrari F12 
(up to 70hp)$4500
Ferrari 458 
(up to 45hp)$3500
Ferrari F360/Stradale 
(up to +40hp)$2500/$2900
Ferrari F430/Scuderia
(up to +50hp)$2500/$2900
Ferrari F599
(up to +60hp)$3500
Ferrari F612
(up to +60hp)$3500
Ferrari F550
(up to +45hp)$2400
Ferrari F575
(up to +50hp)$2500
Ferrari 456
(up to +45hp)$2500
Ferrari 348/355
(up to +45hp)$1450
Ferrari F40
(up to +95hp)$4500
Ferrari 512TR
(up to +45hp)$2450

Major Ferrari Service Pricing....                                                                                        
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