ECU remapping is basically reprogramming the Ďbrainí of the car to achieve better performance.

As manufacturers have to consider many different conditions like temperature, air pressure, fuel quality (not every country has high octane fuel), the programming of the ECU software often is a compromise between performance and street legality in all countries. Additionally, the factory software is made to make the car run even under Ďunrealí conditions, which normally will never occur in your area.

These factors still leave the possibility to optimize the factory setup, and this is what Veloce Performance specializes in. We can help you make impressive performance gains without influencing your carís reliability.

To make this happen, the ECU of your car needs to be reprogrammed. There are several ways that we can do this:
  • Direct programming of the computerís chip that is in the ECU.
  • OBD reprogramming. Many new cars offer the ability to read and write the complete ECU data via the diagnosis connector. The advantage of this is that the carís ECU can stay inside the car.
  • Serial Programming: With this method the carís ECU must be removed, and the programming done directly.
Your Veloce Performance advisor is well versed in which method that your car requires. You can be assured that whichever way that we program your car, it will be optimized. Your horsepower will be increased, as will your torque. We can raise or remove the factory speed limiter. The choice is yours!

*Veloce Performance's software writers represent the best of the best in the industry, and will work tirelessly to get your job done in the fastest time possible.  However, in rare instances we run into a car that presents some challenges.  In those cases, if we feel we can work though the problem, we will tell you it can be done!  If you decide to stop our work in the middle of the job, you will be billed on a per hour basis on time worked.