Audi’s latest…..the exotic R8
Audi manufactures exquisite cars – attractive, sophisticated and technically formidable. Their success stems from creativity, commitment and enthusiasm - and dedication to giving drivers and passengers exactly what they want. Consistently leading the way through groundbreaking innovations, Audi strives to continually advance and show what they mean by Never Follow. Veloce Performance enhances that reputation.

Q Series
Q7 4.2 (up to +35hp)$1300
Q7 3.6 (up to +25hp)$1100
Q5 2.0t (up to +90hp)$1500
TT Series
TT 2.0 Turbo (up to +60hp)$1400
TT 3.2 (up to +25hp)$1300
R8 Series
V8  (up to +40hp)$2900
V10 (up to +60hp)$2900
A3 Series
A3 2.0 (up to +60hp)$1400
A3 3.2 (up to +25hp)$1200
A4 Series
A4 2.0 Turbo (up to +60hp)$1400
A4 3.2 (up to +25hp)$1200
S4/S6 4.2 (up to +34hp)$1300
RS4/RS6 4.2 (up to +42hp/85hp)$1900
S6 5.2 V10 (up to +43hp)$2900
A6 Series
A6 3.2 (up to +25hp)$1200
A6 4.3 (up to +34hp)$1500
A8 Series
A8 4.2 (up to +35hp)$1300
A8 6.0 W12 (up to +45hp)$1900

We now have great tuning for ALL tdi cars!!  CALL for Pricing!
We now have hand held tuning tools that allows you the ability to switch from VP Performance to stock!  CALL for AVAILABILITY and PRICING for your car

Full speed limit de-restriction available upon request for all Audi ECU tuning.  If you don't see your car, give us a call.