We are like you! We are hard-core sports car enthusiasts who are always looking for that edge…that little bit more. You know what I am talking about.

Our group of enthusiasts is a mix of software engineers, automotive engineers, and race and test drivers. Together, this very special team has put together a diverse group of performance enhancements for a wide range of cars. These enhancements are targeted at enthusiast drivers…like you!
We are avid racers that have run everything from hill climbs in Ferraris, to Vintage racing in Indycars, and everything in between, we decided to make an alliance with several European Super Tuning Teams after searching for more power and no speed limiter a Mercedes Benz SL55. Amazed by the remarkably improved performance, and 202mph top speed, they decided to bring these great products to the US, and keep prices affordable. They wanted to beat the competition in performance, and price…they have succeeded and the result is Veloce Performance!

We want your Veloce Performance experience to be special. We want your car’s performance to exceed your expectations. We also want to give you what you want. We can make your tune from mild to wild just tell us what you want. We aren’t just a corporate entity we are enthusiasts like you! The best part of Veloce Performance is watching the owner return from his first drive in his VP tuned car, and seeing the ear to ear grin, and hearing our favorite word…WOW!

Hopefully we will be hearing that word from you too!