The SMART car has made its mark in Europe over the last 10 years and has proven to be a fun and economical car that is well suited to many different driving situations.  The SMART is now available in the USA.  Veloce Performance engineers have been tuning the European SMART for many years, and now we bring this expertise to America.  Aside from increased horse power and torque, we improve the power delivery over a wider rev range as well as improve the throttle response and fuel efficiency.  Your SMART can now receive the Veloce Performance Advantage and take on a more sporting character.

SMART Passion Coupe
Up to 85hp (up to+14hp)$695 USD
SMART Passion Cabriolet
Up to 85hp (up to +14hp)$695 USD
With Veloce Performance SMART tuning, the numbers may not seem BIG, but it's more than numbers.  When you upgrade to Veloce Performance tuning, you will enjoy not just more horse power and torque, but it's the way that we have broadened the power band, so that the power is there when you need it.  You will also enjoy  faster shifting.  Basically the character of your SMART will be far more sporting than stock.  You will love it!

The SMART ForTwo Cabriolet