Fiat 500

The original Fiat 500 made history over 50 years ago.  The NEW Fiat 500 is making history today!  Fiat was founded 1899 and has been continuously producing some of the most exciting cars on the planet.  The 500 and all its variants continues that tradition.

Fiat 500 and C
Up to 205hp$995 USD
Fiat 500 L
Up to 30hp$1000 USD
Fiat 500 Abarth
Up to 40hp$1100 USD
With Veloce Performance SMART tuning, the numbers may not seem BIG, but it's more than numbers.  When you upgrade to Veloce Performance tuning, you will enjoy not just more horse power and torque, but it's the way that we have broadened the power band, so that the power is there when you need it.   Basically the character of your 500, whether turbo or normally aspirated will be far more sporting than stock.  You will love it!


Fiat 500 Abarth Veloce Performance tuned to 200hp