Veloce Performance

1. How much power increase can I expect?
Results vary from car to car, but a general rule of thumb is a 10% increase on normally aspirated and supercharged engines and 20% on turbo cars.

2. How will my Veloce Performance tune affect my warranty?
Veloce Performance is very sensitive to preserving your warranty. That is why we bind your ECUís original identifying information to the new programming. As a result, it remains invisible at the dealer level. But letís keep that our little secret! Additionally, we warranty our software for 2 years!

3. How will my Veloce Performance tuning perform in the real world?
At Veloce Performance, we drive! Anyone can make a car produce decent numbers on a dyno, under ideal conditions. We do our dyno work, but what we are about is how the car performs, PERIOD, end of story! Thatís why we broaden the power band, and improve the throttle response in addition to giving you increases. What that means to you is more, instant, usable power in the real world. So if you are pulling out to pass, clipping your favorite apex or just trying to pull out into traffic, your car will respond like never before.

4. How will my Veloce Performance tune work with other mods?
Veloce Performance usually recommends adding a free flowing air filter to your tune to improve airflow to the engine. If you can get more air in, you will get more horsepower out. Depending on the extent of your modifications, our tuning can be dialed in for exactly what you have, but if you have simple intake and exhaust modifications, our tuning is already designed to take advantage of the increased airflow.

5. Will my Veloce Performance tune cause CEL malfunctions?
Veloce Performance tuning will never cause a Check Engine Light to come on. We have tested and tested to make sure that this doesnít happen. If a CEL does come on, there is another malfunction happening. In the off chance that it is our software, we will reprogram you at no charge.
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