Veloce Performance Braking Solutions
At Veloce Performance we are all about speed, going fast, and getting the most out of your car.  But if you neglect the braking side of the equation, you will end up with an unbalanced package.  When we are track instructing  drivers they always want to know how to go faster.  Once the power side of the equation is set where the driver is happy, the way to more speed is by improving the car's stopping power.  If you can brake harder and deeper and consistently into each corner, you will be able to keep your speed up for longer periods...and you will be faster.

We wanted the finest braking solutions available for our clients, so the logical choice for our braking partner is Brembo.  They are world renowned in everything from F1 racing to high performance OEM applications.

We have used them on our own cars for years, and they have withstood track events, hillclimbs...and even shopping trips!  Brembo brakes have always represented a step forward for our cars, and now we are proud to have them as our braking partner.

Call or email us with your specific application, and we will work with Brembo to provide you with the finest braking solution at the best possible pricing.

Do you have a Ferrari or Porsche with Carbon Ceramic brakes, and are shocked by the replacement costs of rotors?  Brembo has just introduced steel brake conversion  kits that utilize your car's stock calipers.  Brembo quality, superb braking, at a great price.  Call or email for details.